Looking for parts for your WORKHORSE or General Motors P-chassis?

Precision Sales & Service, Inc. is your factory authorized source for parts, service and warranty repairs. This includes the commercial and motorhome chassis as well as body components for delivery van bodies.

Precision Sales & Service, Inc. is your source for parts as well as service or warranty repairs. This includes the WORKHORSE and General Motors motor home and commercial chassis.

We have been in business since 1991 providing parts and service on all types of vehicles including RV’s (motor homes), commercial, fleet and industrial vehicles. These include trucks, vans and forklifts. In 2000, we became a dealer for WORKHORSE CUSTOM CHASSIS which was shortly after their introduction as a separate manufacturer from G.M. producing RV and commercial chassis as well as complete commercial vehicles commonly know as step vans. Since then we have strived to become one of the premiere service and parts facilities by providing what is needed to keep WORKHORSE customers driving their vehicles. .

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We are also a full service repair shop for all commercial, fleet and industrial vehicles. This includes trucks, vans and forklifts.



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At Precision Sales & Service, Inc. our goal is to provide quality service and parts to our customers. The company began in 1991 and our focus on that goal remains the same.